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Sangath Digital Platform

Digital health platform for mental health




Delhi, DL, India


Sangath is one of India’s largest not-for-profit organizations working in the mental health domain. They required a comprehensive digital platform encompassing program design and delivery to patients at their homes, electronic medical records (EMR), peer-to-peer learning and evaluation including audio conferencing, and centralized administration.

Solution delivered

Lattice delivered a solution that enabled Android-app-based offline access for community health workers, HIPAA Compliance, and had features such as Virtual classroom with capacity for 20+ participants with audio conferencing for low-bandwidth users, appointment scheduling, patient management, reporting, peer-to-peer supervision, workgroup builder.

The platform also had a web console that enabled researchers to develop their study questionnaires through a form builder, and publish them for field use. Whenever fields workers connect to the internet, updated form would sync to their app. They would then be able to conduct research studies, and deliver interventions, based on the updated forms. The form builder on the web platform could also be used as a quiz, for use by trainers to evaluate newly-onboarded field workers.

Launch date
Nov 2019
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