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Health Kiosk

CVD screening kiosk


AIMS, Kochi


Kochi, KL, India


In 2015, we developed and deployed a cardiovascular disease (CVD) screening kiosk for the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi. Our intent — to provide an affordable, community-oriented system for CVD risk assessment.

System description

The ACN health kiosk is designed to be a low-investment, easy-to-use system which delivers diagnostic reports instantly. It is designed for operation by non-healthcare personnel such as a shop owner or a vending machine operator.

The devices included in the system measure height, weight, temperature, blood pressure, ECG, heart rate, SpO2 and blood glucose. An accompanying tablet is used view and enter data, and to record responses to a questionnaire that covers several aspects of medical history, lifestyle and diet including smoking, diabetes, psychosocial factors, consumption of fruits, vegetables, and alcohol, and physical activity.

Collectively, these vitals and risk factors account for 90% of population attributable risks in men and 94% in women, as per the InterHeart risk assessment model.

Launch date
Feb 2015
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