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Rooftop solar recommender




Bangalore, KN, India

Glowship, India’s first rooftop solar e-retailer, conceptualized Glowsun, a suite of tools for the solar industry. Glowship partnered with Lattice to develop this toolkit. Consumer-facing portions of this toolkit are being used by India's largest rooftop solar provider.

Our design brief was to develop an web and mobile application that collects data about a home, analyzes data from solar meters and energy meters, and provides a real-time recommendation of a rooftop solar system — including details such as physical installation configuration, return on investment, expected total cost of ownership, and options to maximize either the RoI or the comfort provided by the rooftop solar system.

In Phase I, Lattice developed a system that uses easy-to-find home data, such as appliances used, home occupancy, current electricity bill, to design a rooftop solar system, and show it to the homeowner. Recommendations take into account prices of solar panels, inverters and batteries, provide the most cost-effective solution, and detailed RoI projections.

At the same time, we developed an Android app for sales channel partners. This app enables channel partners of an enterprise to go from site survey to techno-commercial proposal in 10 minutes. The output: a version-controlled digital proposal that can be shared instantly with homeowners. The value proposition: a shorter sales cycle.

In Phase II, was expanded the business logic to include a predictive algorithm that combines realtime-measurement of incident solar energy and electricity consumption data, to provide a more precise assessment of the energy situation of a household — leading to more accurate recommendations, even for new homes where historical data is unavailable. Lattice develop the software layer on top of hardware devices designed by Glowship.

In Phase III, the core algorithm was re-factored, to improve performance and enable modular product development. The system architecture was updated to make it capable of interfacing with ERP systems of large solar providers.

Demo of the homeowner-facing system

Launch date
May 2020
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