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Project management system




Delhi, DL, India


The idea for Feeta came from our experience at Lattice. Our work is project-based, and therefore gantt charts are our lifeline — they help us track project schedule and check our timeliness.

Popular gantting tools, like Instagantt and Smartsheet (we have used both), are good at recording and displaying information. However, they do not provide sufficient analysis of where a delay came from, and how much is its magnitude. Even views that compare a plan with the current status give an approximate idea — because they are limited by how much information can be visualized at one go.

So, we started downloading gantts as spreadsheets, and analyzed them once a week. This showed us the benefits of more rigorous analysis. It also highlighted the need for automation — manual analysis of spreadsheets, and computation of variances, took between 15 mins and 45 mins.

Therefore, we conceptualized Feeta, an analytical tool that sits on top of gantt charts. Its inputs are snapshots of a particular project’s gantt. Its output is a detailed breakdown of any deviations to the timeline. Deviations are detected based on differences between two snapshots.

As we developed this concept, we saw we could define rules that generated timeliness and productivity KPIs for all project contributors, using gantt data entered everyday. This is an added source of value.

Then, as Feeta emerged as a central system for all Lattice employees, we added leave management functionality, and got rid of our HR software.


  1. Project snapshot analysis

  2. Task timeliness and critical path calculation

  3. Allocation data

  4. GitHub integration via Feeta bot, for issue tracking dashboard

  5. Figma integration for comment tracking

  6. Leave management system

  7. Google Workspace integration for authentication and authorization

Launch date
Jan 2023
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