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Enabling birth attendant skilling


EB Innovations


Boston, MA, USA

The Augmented Infant Resuscitator (AIR) device is a training tool for birth attendants. Designed for use with mannequins, it monitors ventilation quality and provides real-time, objective feedback and actionable cues to users.

Lattice developed the companion app for the AIR device. This Android (Kotlin) app fetches data via Bluetooth LE (low-energy), interprets it, and displays key performance indicators to each trainee.

The design brief was to provide a user interface that conveys multiple performance parameters, based on pressures and pressure-differentials sensed by the AIR device, in a manner that birth attendants in low- and middle- income countries would find intuitive.

Work started in April 2022, and the app was deployed in late 2022. Since March 2023, the system has been field-tested in three countries, and the key design elements — conceptualized by Lattice — have remained intact. We have added features such as one-page PDF downloads, and a battery status indicator for the AIR device.

Based on the successful pilot of the app, Lattice was then tasked with developing an administrative back-end that summarizes data from multiple institutions who use the AIR device, provides comparative graphs and leaderboards, and enables grant-making bodies to view the usage of the AIR device and relate it to a sustained change in skills. The admin console was developed and deployed in July 2023.

Launch date
Jan 2023
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