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Mobile app for primary care




Delhi, DL, India

Agni is an Android app designed for primary and community healthcare delivery.

The app uses an open-source data model — FHIR®, or fast healthcare interoperability resources. Managed by HL7, FHIR is a global standard for how healthcare data should be structured, stored and communicated — in order to promote interoperability by design.

FHIR has seen limited use in low-resource settings. Agni is Lattice's attempt to provide a lightweight, offline first app that covers all the key clinical workflows. The app interfaces with a Postgres FHIR Server. It is an offline-first system, optimized for low-bandwidth environments.

Agni offers a range of features aimed at improving efficiency and convenience for healthcare providers, from managing patient records, to scheduling appointments and handling prescriptions. It also enables users to link members of a household to one another. This enables both administrative and clinical use cases. Administrative — tracking the reach of public health programs at a household level. Clinical — assessing disease risk associated with either genetics, or by living together.

Features under development include:

  1. Networking multiple phones together in a hub-and-spoke model, to allow for offline patient data transfer between different workstations in a single clinic.

  2. Pre-loading the app's prescription module with the WHO's essential medicines list.

  3. Integrating the WHO's Package of Essential Noncommunicable (PEN) protocols for primary healthcare.

Access to the demo app is available on request. If you are interested, please send us a message. Please includes details about you and/ or your organization, how you would consider utilizing such a system.

Launch date
Jul 2023
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