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Engagement Model

We provide design & development services in a milestone-based, project model. This enables our Clients to de-risk their product development efforts, and get predictable output as per a pre-determined schedule. It also enables some of our Clients to utilize us for design & development while they build in-house capability.


We do not work on a equity-sharing model, because we do not have the capacity to take on additional enterprise risk.

Once a project is finalized, one of our Senior Managers assumes a nodal role, and acts as the primary point-of-contact. 


​Our skill-set can be represented a tiered set of capabilities

  • Conceptualize issue-based solutions: DOMAIN-SPECIFIC

  • Design implementable models: TECHNOLOGY-SPECIFIC

  • Enable models to function using software: SKILL-SPECIFIC

  • Implement in Client’s place to solve issue

  • Support Client in addressing their customer’s issues 

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