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The FYVE-S1 patient monitoring system has been designed and developed by Lattice as key element of a tele-health system for critical care settings - for patients who require constant monitoring and clinical oversight. 

While there are several devices that measure a patient’s vital signs, few of them provide cost-effective, seamless data transmission from the patient bedside to an off-site  central monitoring workstation. FYVE-S1 is a multi-parameter patient monitoring system that addresses this need.

All viitals and graphs - SPO2, NIBP, 5-lead ECG, Temperature and Respiratory Rate - are transmited from the device to a cloud server  - from where it can be access remotely over 3G/ WiFi.  Remote data access has a latency of < 9 seconds. 

The first generation device also displays vitals on an Android tablet paired to the monitor via Bluetooth. The second generation device has an integrated display, in line with traditional patient monitors.

A derivative of the FYVE-S1, the FYVE-GS, is a GSM-based patient montior that communicates via text messages (SMSes). This system was custom-built to cater to a pilot project implemented by the State Goverment of Andhra Pradesh. In March 2016, 25 such units were deployed in 25 primary health centers spanning 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh. Lattice's team traveled to each site to install, commission and provide user training.

Concept Illustration
Gen 1 Device
Gen 1 Device
Gen 2 Device

A short video that we created to explain the product to a

critical care specialist. No ads.

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