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Please start your application using the links below. If we do not have a vacancy, you will see a message. Please do not email your resumes to us.


Before you submit the screening test, please review the rest of this page to understand the recruitment process, compensation, and structure.

Recruitment process

Lattice has a three-step recruitment process, designed for freshers. 

  1. Screening test: 10-minute multiple-choice questionnaire. You will hear back from us in 2-3 working days with the results.

  2. Selection test: 4-6 hours, consisting of a programming assignment. The assignment will be evaluated within 5 working days, and you will informed of the results by email.

  3. Interview: You will be given asked to interview with with a member of the management team, either virtually, or in-person.

If you clear the interview, ​you will receive your contract documents within 3 working days.

Compensation and structure

Freshers are offered a 3-month retainership @ INR 25K per month CTC. During the retainership period, trainees are given assignments, and are supervised by an experienced member of the team.

By the end of month 2, those who successfully complete the training process will be given a full-time offer @ INR 4.2 Lakhs per annum. The full-time offer will start immediately after the retainership period ends, i.e. at the beginning of month 4. More than 80% of all retainers receive a full-time offer.

If you do not clear the training process, you will be informed by the end of month 2. Your retainership contract will remain in place till the end of month 3, to give you sufficient time to look for alternate career opportunities.

If you are enrolled in a program that offers a semester-long industry internships just before graduation, then a similar structure applies - only the internship period is extended.  The duration of internship must be a minimum of 3 months.


Candidates may opt to work remotely during the retainership period, though we encourage to be in office 2-3 days a week to interact with your trainer and other team members.


Full-time offers are for work-from-office only. Those relocating from outside Delhi NCR will be provided with a one-time relocation allowance of 25K. 

What not to do

Please do NOT email your resumes to us; we only process applications received via forms links provided above. If we do not have vacancies, you will see a message to that effect.

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